The Nord-Trøndelag University College emphasises training for professions. We provide our students with clear and appropriate guidance throughout their studies. Research and development at HiNT develops the quality of the courses and contributes to the development of competence and a new understanding within society and the business sector. The local environment offers easy access to student accommodation, practice placement and social networks.

Bilde av dame

  • 4 Faculties: Health Science; Business, Social and Environmental Sciences; Teacher Education; and Education of Driving Instructors..
  • 372 full-time equivalent employees and 4460 students on 4 campuses: Namsos, Steinkjer, Levanger, Stjørdal
  • 6 Masters Courses, 18 courses at bachelor, vocational and two-year associate degree courses as
    well as many six-month or one year courses
  • Close co-operation with Trøndelag Research and Development (www.tfou.no)
  • The Student Welfare Association in North-Trøndelag (www.sinot.no) is an important supporting partner

Steinar Nebb, Principal
Beate Aspdal, Administrator


  • Postal address:
    Nord-Trøndelag University College
    P.O. Box 2501


VIDEO: Living legends at HiNT

Two good reasons for studying Media Technology at HiNT: Greg Curda and Richard Hearsey. One has got an Oscar for best sound effects. The other is one of the foremost producers in the World today. They are both claiming they`ve just got out of prison...

Into the Wild: Martin Overgaard

For Martin Overgaard, a life outdoors is a life worth living; after all, he did come to Norway for the nature.... 

Q & A with Maria Solvesterova

To study abroad is very popular for Slovakian students. The third time Maria Solvesterova chose to live away from home, she went to Levanger and to the Nord-Trøndelag University College (HiNT).... 

Wonder Woman: Shawn Lillefjell

Mother, wife, student, employee. Those are just some of the roles HiNT-student Shawn Lillefjell plays every day.... 

Steinkjer: Round Two

- Smile and live in the now! That is some of the advices Tamila from Brazil gives to other international students in Norway. Recently she returned to Steinkjer for the 2nd time.... 

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